Carbon.Credit is a Primary Marketplace and Advanced Secondary Market Exchange for Carbon Credits and Energy related contracts

Building Liquidity and Transparancy for Carbon Credits and Energy

About Us

Carbon.Credit an exchange for carbon credits, energy contracts, and other asset backed securities that are tokenized on a blockchain. We have developed an innovative patent pending solution to combine thousands of illiquid bespoke assets into consolidated liquid markets. This game changing feature will dramatically increase the liquidity of carbon and related environmental markets. Team members bring proven experience in trading systems, exchange technology, energy development and environmental products

Our core capabilities combine traditional capital markets with innovations in blockchain technology and Web 3

Carbon.Credit Experience 20+ Years of Experience

About Company

Founded in 2022, Carbon.Credit helps developers of carbon sequestration and renewable energy projects by enabling the development, capitalization, funding, and improvements of carbon related assets. We provide price discovery, liquidity and transparancy to projects and carbon credits.

How it Works

Selling carbon credits is simple as:

Sign up

Create an account and we will walk you through the onboarding and KYC process

List An Asset For Sale

Upload project details, documents and set an initial offering price

Close the Deal

Sales are settled instantly when trades occur

Buying carbon credits is simple as:

Sign up

Create an account and we will walk you through the onboarding and KYC process

Find An Asset For Sale

Review our Listings of both Primary and Secondary markets. Use the search filters to select specific projects.

Close the Deal

Purchases are settled instantly when trades occur

Our Carbon Credit Services Helping Every Step of The Way

Reach out to ask us about consulting advisory on:

Carbon Credit Acquisition

Carbon credits and related assets differ in verification process, vintage, region, and jurisdiction. We can help you source targeted assets.

Project Capitlization and Asset Monetization

Already have a project in development and looking to capitalize it to expand? We can help you connect to investors and realize better pricing.

Why should you choose us?

Proven track record in building for industry leading projects with Binance, YellowHeart and others.
Extensive network of relationships in the industry
Focus on SEC regulated securities for asset backed projects
Innovative solutions to create value and increase liquidity for bespoke assets

Dedicated Support

USDC, ETH, and BTC Supported

Transparency Using Blockchain Technology

Provenance Through Asset Lifecycle


Measured as 1 Tonne of CO2. Treated as an unregulated commodity But also valued differently based on

check Jurisdiction
check renewable energy projects
check Project source
check Vintage/ Data produced
check Quantity and Time to Deliver
check Certification
check Audit Verification

Feedback From Partners

Our platform was strategically designed with the needs of market participants


Projected growth by 2050 in carbon market

The carbon offset market may need to grow by as much as 50 times if companies are going to meet 2050 net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goals, according to Bank of America.

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